Born October 18, 1916 at Hartuv and in 1930 the family moved to Petah Tikva. Obliged to go to work at an early age to help support his family. When the 1936 Arab riots broke out, joined the Haganah and did guard duty.

In 1939 was arrested by the British - seeking his brother Shlomo, who was active in the Irgun - and sent to the Sarafand detention camp. While there, became familiar with the activist outlook, and was particularly influenced by David Raziel, who was also in the camp. Upon release, joined the Irgun and in 1942 was commander of the Petah Tikva branch.

Two years later was arrested again, and exiled to Africa, but in 1946 was released.

On returning to Eretz Israel, resumed Irgun activity and was appointed commander of Tel Aviv District.

On April 28, 1948 he was killed in the battle for Jaffa by a British shell.