Born 1913 in Russia. Joined the Irgun while still abroad, and in 1938 immigrated illegally to Eretz Israel with the Af Al Pi immigration.

Joined the Betar company at Nahlat Yitzhak near Jerusalem. A year later moved to the Rosh Pina company, serving as Irgun Commander in Upper Galilee.

In 1942 was arrested by the British and when released, was ordered by the police to move to Jerusalem.

In 1944 served as commander of Natanya District and from 1946 was a member of the General Headquarters. Took part in the attack on the Haifa police building (1944) and the planning of the attack on the railway lines, when the Irgun requisitioned 35 thousand Palestine pounds.

In 1948 took part in establishing the Herut movement, and was a member of its central institutions.