Born January 4, 1925 in Rumania. Immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1936 and settled in Natanya where, in 1940, he joined Betar and the Irgun.

During the "Hunting Saison" he was forced to leave home and move to Tel Aviv.

Took part in numerous activities against the British, was caught during the break-in to the Ottoman Bank in Jaffa in September 1946 and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Less than a year later, he succeeded in escaping from the central jail in Jerusalem disguised in a policeman's uniform, which was smuggled into the jail. Was transferred to Tel Aviv and resumed his Irgun activities.

After the Altalena affair, he moved to Jerusalem, and served as Company commander in the Irgun battalion in the city.

Led the capture of the Arab village of Malha.