Born 1917 in Poland, he joined Betar at an early age. In 1937 immigrated illegally to Eretz Israel in the Af-Al-Pi project, served in the Betar Labor company in various parts of the country and joined the Irgun.

Attended a commander's course, whose 38 participants were arrested on November 18, 1938 while conducting weapons training at Mishmar Hayarden. Sentenced to ten years imprisonment, but released three years later, and immediately returned to Irgun activity.

On September 27, 1944 took part in the attack on the British police station at Gedera.

Appointed commander of Haifa and North District, where the British arrested him after the Haganah informed against him, and exiled to Africa. Took part in several escape attempts, but all the escapees were caught and sent back to the camp.

Returned to Israel with the last exiles from Kenya on 12 July 1948, after the State of Israel was established.