Born 1919 at Hartuv and at a very early age, moved with his family to Petah Tikva. In 1936 joined the Haganah and graduated from a company commanders course.

Because of the havlega (self-restraint) policy, moved to the Irgun, and took part in reprisals against the Arabs.

In 1941 was appointed commander of Petah Tikva District and later of Haifa and the North. Was a member of the first General Headquarters established by Menahem Begin.

In early 1945 was handed over to the British by the Haganah and exiled to Africa, where he took part in the great escape of 54 exiles from a detention camp in Eritrea. He was caught after three months and returned to the camp.

Returned with the last exiles from Kenyan on July 12, 1948, after the State of Israel was established.

Studied philosophy, history and education at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Universities. In 1973 received a doctorate in Jewish history from the Hebrew University.

Wrote a book:

By Strugle and by Revolt (Ministry fo Defence).