Born September 25, 1914 in Russia, and moved with his family to China at the age of three in the wake of the October Revolution. At 16 joined Betar and three years later, immigrated to Eretz Israel. Served in the Betar companies in various parts of the country and in 1934 joined the Irgun. Was a member of Begin's General Headquarters. In addition, was appointed in May 1944 Commander of Jerusalem District. Took part in the attack on the District British Intelligence in Jerusalem (14 July 1944). In December 1944 was arrested by the British as a result of informing by the Haganah and exiled to Africa. Participated in several escape attempts until he succeeded in escaping from the camp in Eritrea (November 10, 1945). After many adventures, reached Paris in January 1947 and was appointed commander of the Irgun headquarters in Europe. Commanded the Altalena, which he brought to Israel. After coming ashore, he was arrested by the Israeli government and kept in administrative detention for two months.

On release, he joined the IDF and graduated from an officer's course. Was a battalion commander. Served as a member of the first Knesset.

Wrote a book: The Story of Altalena (Hadar, 1967).