Born on May 26, 1924 in Poland and joined Betar at an early age. In 1936 immigrated with his parents to Eretz Israel and in 1939 joined the Irgun.

In early 1942 he volunteered for the British army, but continued his Irgun activity while in the armed services. First he went on an commander's course and then took part in anti-British activities: the assault on the Lydda Military airfield, the requisition of arms at Sarafand and the raid on Ramat Gan police station in which he was injured in the arm and leg.

After demobilization, he was arrested and sent to the Latrun detention camp. Before the British departure from Palestine, he was released and resumed Irgun activity at the Petah Tikva branch.

During the War of Independence, he took part in the conquest of Yahudia and Rosh Ha-ayin.

After the shelling of the Altalena on Tel Aviv beach, he moved to Jerusalem and was appointed commander of No. 2 company in the Irgun battalion there. Took part in the conquest of Malha and the attack on the Old City (Operation Kedem).

After the fighting, settled at Ramat Raziel with his company, and was appointed regional commander of the Judean Hills area. In this capacity, he was killed in a road accident.