Born in 1914 in South Africa and studied at Witwatersrand University and the School of Commerce. In 1936 immigrated to Eretz Israel, joined the Irgun and was one of its active members.

During World War Two went to London, at Jabotinsky's request, to run a Zionist weekly intended to encourage the establishment of a Jewish Battalions within the British army.

In 1946 he returned to Eretz Israel and a year later, became a member of the Irgun General Headquarters. Focused on propaganda and overseas contacts.

One of the founders of the Herut movement and a member of the First Knesset.

In 1951 retired from political life and became a publisher (Karni publishing house).

In 1977 was asked by the Prime Minister, Menahem Begin, to become his adviser on propaganda.

His books:

Days of Fire (1966),
Admat Meriva (1973),
Lo Oz Velo Hadar (1981),
Jabo (1993)