Born in Warsaw (Poland) in 1911 and at 19 immigrated to Eretz Israel.

Founded the Betar company at Kfar Saba and in 1933 served as its commander.

In 1931 graduated from a Haganah commander's course, and in 1933 joined the Irgun.

In 1937 served as Commander of Tel Aviv District and a member of the General Headquarters. Together with Hanoch Kalai, was one of the first to break the havlaga (self-restraint policy); commanded and participated in many defensive operations.

In 1938 was sent to Poland to organize Irgun cells and commanded a first commanders course there.

On return to Eretz Israel, organized the disembarkation of illegal immigrants from Af-Al-Pi vessels.

In 1939 was arrested with members of the General Headquarters and released at the end of 1940. Arrested many times in 1944-1946 and spent most of the time under house arrest.

Returned to activity several months before the state of Israel was established, and commanded a Platoon in the Battalion 35 of the Irgun within the Givati Brigade. Wounded during the conquest of Yavneh.

Was manager of ZOA House in Tel Aviv.