Born on December 6, 1912, in Hungary. In 1938 he joined Betar, and two years later immigrated to Eretz Israel aboard the Skaria, an illegal immigrant vessel organized by Betar.

After spending six months in the Atlit internment camp, he joined the Betar company at Rosh Pina, and then found his way to the ranks of the Irgun. In 1941, he joined the British army in order to fight the Nazi enemy, and together with his comrades in the Jewish Brigade came to the aid of Holocaust survivors in Europe.

After his demobilization, in March 1946, he resumed his activity in the Irgun and joined its Fighting Force. While still on demobilization leave, he took part in the requisition of weapons from a British army depot near Natanya. Ten days later set out on his second and last operation - the attack on the Ramat Gan police station .He was severely wounded, caught by the British and sentenced to death. He was 35 when he went on April 16, 1947 to the gallows, together with his comrades - Alkahi, Dresner and Kashani.