Born in 1915 in Russia. In 1934, he immigrated to Eretz Israel and two years later joined the Irgun.

Took part in reprisals for murderous Arab attacks. In 1942, conducted senior courses at Shuny. In 1944 was appointed Commander of Tel Aviv District and a year later was coopted to the General Headquarters under Menahem Begin.

Initiated and set up the medical service and the clandestine broadcasting service of the Irgun and organized the nationwide depots.

In 1947 took part in requisition of arms from the Royal Air Force base in Tel Aviv. Set up the workshop for production of mortars, Stens sub-machine-guns, hand grenades and explosives. Was a member of the Planning Division.

After Israel was established, served as a member of the central institutions of the Herut movement and manager of the Herut newspaper.