Born Fenruary 25, 1925 in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem (his parents were among its founders). Educated at the Etz Hayyim Talmud Torah and then became a machinist. Was a member of the Noar Oved (Working Youth) and a member of the Haganah, but soon changed his views and joined the Irgun.

Took part in operations against the British and was known as a courageous fighter. In 1946 was appointed commander of the Fighting Force in the Jerusalem District. Took part in many anti British operation. Among others, blowing up the King David Hotel, commanded the attack on Schneler camp and and took part in the War of Independence. He planed the attack on Arab Village Deir Yassin and when the British left Jerusalem, on May 14, 1948, he led the capture of the Police Academy at Sheikh Jarah.

When the Arab Legion launched a counter-attack, Gal was killed by a shell.