Born in Tel Aviv in 1922. At the age of 17, he joined the Irgun.

From 1944 onwards he was involved in action against the British and was recognized as an intrepid fighter and talented commander.

In April 1946, he was appointed chief operations officer of the Irgun and member of the General Headquarters, after his predecessor, Eitan Livni, was arrested by the British.

Paglin, endowed with rare leadership qualities, was responsible for the planning and organization of numerous important actions, such as the blowing up of the King David Hotel and the Acre jail break. He was also highly inventive and succeeded in manufacturing weapons, including mortars, mines and flame-throwers.

Before the British evacuation, he was in charge of organizing and equipping the Irgun units, which took part in the fight against the Arab invaders. Paglin led the Irgun force which occupied Jaffa.