Born July 20, 1914 in Poland and joined Betar at an early age.

In 1932-1936 studied law at Warsaw University, and was one of the heads of the student union. After graduating, he immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1936 and joined the Betar Wall Company.

Commanded the Betar cell in Jerusalem. Two years later joined the Irgun. In 1944 was appointed Commander of Jerusalem District.

Arrested on March 31, 1944 and held in Acre and Jerusalem jails. Exiled to Africa with the first transport of 251 detainees (October 19, 1944). After two years in jail, was released on May 17, 1946 and sent back to Eretz Israel.

During the War of Independence, he was wounded in the battle for the Officers Academy in Jerusalem and lost an eye.

Was active in the Herut movement and member of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Knesset.