Born in 1922 in Tel Aviv to a distinguished family which had lived in Eretz Israel for many generations. He joint the Irgun at young age and later became a member of Lehi.

He was dispatched, together with Elyahu Hakim, to Cairo and on November 6, 1944 they assassinated Lord Moyne. They were caught and charged with murder. They did not take part in the proceedings at their trial. When the testimony was completed, Beit-Zuri rose to his feet and made a political statement. He said:

Millions sank in the sea of blood and tears, but the British skipper did not lift them to the ship. And if a few of the survivors held on to the bow of the ship, he, the British skipper, pushed them back into the sea. And we in our home-land had no choice but to surrender or fight. We decided to fight.

The two Eliyahu were sentenced to death, and on March 23, 1945 were hanged in Cairo.