Born as Shalom Tabachnik on May 7, 1913, in Poland. His parents raised him in a spirit of religious observance and tradition. He joined Betar in 1928 and, two years later, after the death of his father, was forced to become the family breadwinner.

In 1937 he decided to immigrate to Eretz Israel, but failing to obtain the certificate granted by the Jewish Agency - he joined a group of 'illegal' immigrants as part of the 'Af Al Pi' project. When he reached Eretz Israel on September 20, 1937, he joined the Betar labor company at Rosh Pina and shortly afterwards was accepted into the Irgun. On arrival at Rosh Pina he burned his foreign passport and changed his name to Shlomo Ben-Yosef.

He was arrested by the British after shooting at an Arab bus as a retaliation to the murder of six Jews. He was sentenced to death and on June 29, 1938 was hanged in Acre jail. He was 25 when he went to the gallows.