Born 1913 in Brisk, Poland, then part of the Russian Empire.

Served as Betar Commander in Poland. At the beginning of World War Two was imprisoned in a Soviet camp in northern Siberia. On release, joined the Polish armed force established in the USSR.

In 1942 arrived in Eretz Israel as a soldier. After demobilization, in late 1943, was appointed Irgun Chief Commander.

On February 1, 1944, the Irgun under Begin, declared a revolt against the British in Palestine. He headed the struggle until the state of Israel was established. During the underground years, the British invested great effort in attempts to seize him. They offered a reward of 5,000 pounds sterling for information, a vast sum in those days.

After dismantling of the Irgun and coopting of its fighters to the IDF, Begin established the Herut movement and headed it. From 1965 he headed Gahal (Herut-Liberal Bloc) and then the Likud. In 1977 he was elected Israel's sixth prime minister, and on 26 March 1979 he signed the peace treaty with Egypt. Served as premier until his resignation and retirement from political life in September 1983.