Born on June 20, 1928 in Iraq . When he was six years old his family immigrated to Eretz Israel and settled in the Old City of Jerusalem. Moshe started to work at an early age, first as an apprentice carpenter, and then in a soft drinks factory. He joined Lehi when still young, first putting up posters as a member of the youth division, and then taking an active part in fighting force.

On March 9, 1947 he was arrested in Jerusalem with a granade in his pocket. He was charge of bearing arms and intent to assassinate Brigadier A.P. Davis, and on March 17, 1947, the military court in Jerusalem sentenced Moshe Barazani to death by hanging.

On Monday, April 21, 1947, half an hour before the execution took place, two explosions were heard from the cell in the Jerusalem jail: Moshe Barazani and his friend Meir Feinstein stood embraced. The grenades were held between them, at the height of their hearts. Meir lit a cigarette, with which he ignited the fuses that Moshe held, and they died together as heroes.