Written by: Prof. Yehuda Lapidot

Translated from Hebrew by Chaya Galai

Steering Committee: Yitzhak Avinoam (chairman),
Petachia Shamir, Isaac Raviv, Peleg Tamir
Advisor: Yehuda Eisenberg

The Establishment of The Irgun
Restrain and Retaliation
The Illegal Immigration of the Irgun
The Split Within the Irgun
The Revolt is Proclaimed
The 'Hunting Season'
The United Resistance
Black Sabbath
The Bombing of the King David Hotel
The Raid on the Jerusalem Railway Station
The Raid on the Jerusalem Officers Club
The Acre Prison Break
The Gallows
In Africa Exile
The Irgun Abroad
Deir Yassin
The Conquest of Jaffa
The Jerusalem Battalion
The Altalena Affair

BESIEGED - Jerusalem 1948 - Memories of an Irgun fighter

The pictures and manifests were received from the jabotinsky institute